producer • mixer • sound designer

sound enginer

Hailing from a technical background in the electronic engineering, Richard married his love of technology and music by gaining employment as an assistant at Battery Studios in London and took the well-travelled route of tea-boy to producer.

Now he manages his time between production work in London and mixing in his own studio in rural Suffolk.

“My goal is to get the job done. I’ve worked with plenty of people who are good starters but terrible finishers. They’ll lose interest or the motivation. I’m like ‘Come on! We’re not that far away now, lets get it done!’. After listening to the same piece of music over and over again you would think it’d be torture but when your in the zone, its like a drug! When its finished and you hand it over there’s always a part of you goes with it and you always feel a little empty inside. – Until the next one.”